Fees and Application Form

Membership Information and Fees

  1. New breeders must have 5 Pedigree Female Texels registered with the Irish Texel Society flockbook before they can be accepted as members of the Society.
  2. Membership application forms can be had from: Sinead Brophy, Secretary, Irish Texel Sheep Society, Kellistown Farm, Kellistown, Co Carlow. Tel: 087 3552992. All applications for membership should be made before 31st December so that lambs born the following spring are eligible for registration.
  3. Details of all new proposed members must go before the council of the Irish Texel Sheep Society Ltd. before he or she is accepted. Council have the right to refuse any application as they see fit.
  4. COSTS: € Euro
    Entrance Fee – 65.00
    Annual Membership – 80.00
    Book of Birth Notification Forms (at cost) – 20.00
    Registration Fees:
    Birth Notification: Ram Lambs Natural: €5.00   ET: €13.00 Ewe Lambs Natural: €4.00 ET: €13.00
    Ewe registration – 10.00
    Ram registration – 20.00
    Imported Ewe registration (incl. N.lrl.) – 100.00
    Imported Ram registration (incl. N.lrl.) – 100.00
  5. New breeders should generally buy their foundation stock at one of the Society Sales held in the months of August, September and October. All sheep sold through these Sales have been passed by Society Inspectors as being properly identified in accordance with Society and Department of Agriculture requirements, and as having no obvious inherent faults.If breeders purchase sheep privately either here, in Britain or Northern Ireland they should ensure that they are notched and tattooed properly. UK registered ewes and rams are subject to Society import registration charges as outlined above.They should also be free from obvious faults, such as wrong mouths, bad legs, black patches on the wool or brown hair on the head and legs. Such privately bought sheep will be liable to inspection and if considered unsuitable, will be removed from the Flock Book.
  6. All new breeders are encouraged to participate in the LambPlus scheme run by ICBF.
  7. On joining the Society, each new breeder is assigned their own unique 3-letter flock code, while they are also assigned a Prefix (generally of their own choice), which is used in naming any rams born in their flock.

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