Calling All Texel Breeders..

Who will have the 2019 Growvite All Ireland Texel Champion! No one can know this yet but the only thing we do know it can’t be you unless you enter, we encourage all to breeders to enter as this is one of our biggest shop windows of the year! We have 10 classes on the which means we are sure we have the one to suit you! This also an excellent opportunity to meet other new and existing  breeders to swap ideas and also look to see what breeding lines are working etc. it is sure to be a day not be missed! Entries close today 14th May don’t miss it! Contact Sinead for more details 087 3552992.

1. Two Shear Ram and Upwards 

2.Two Shear Ewe and Upwards 

3. Shearling Ram

4. Shearling Ewe 

5. Ram Lamb Born Before the 1st March 

6. Ewe Lamb Born Before the 1st March 

7. Ram Lamb Born Before on on or after the 1st March 

8. Ewe Lamb Born Before on on or after the 1st March 

9. Novice Ewe Lamb 

10. Novice Ram 

Novice classes are for people who have never won a first prize at the All Ireland or Premier Sale.

Most importantly Jnr Stockperson under the age of 16- Entries Taken on the Day 

The Texel society appreciate people that take the time to view and participate so refreshments will be provided.

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