Sire Reference Scheme

Calling all people who are dedicated to improving the Texel Breed! 

We would be interested in finding out if members would be interested in bringing back a Sire Reference Scheme.

Currently some of us feel there is need for the Society to demonstrate to commercial sheep farmers that it is serious about improving the commercial attributes of the breed. A Sire Reference Scheme would be an ideal way of demonstrating that the Society is identifying and making available to members rams that have the top commercial genetics within the breed or indeed in the entire Pedigree Sheep population. It would also ensure that members can maintain linkage and improve the accuracy of the breeding indexes of their flock.

How would the Sire Reference Scheme work?

Members expressing an interest would be called to a meeting where a Sire Reference Committee would be formed and a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a purchasing team would be selected.

The purchasing team, (3 people) would select a panel of eligible rams at Blessington Premier Sale (if not selected at this sale other sales will be considered) with a view of purchasing for use in the Sire Reference Scheme. These animals would be selected based on physical/ breed type looks coupled with performance figures. The ram or rams will be used through AI only. Where possible this would be for fresh semen on the day. We will try to have it that people will get a chance to have the ram on site for the day of AI so this means when applying you would need to supply your AI date as it will be first come first served.

The ram will be kept at a nominated farm and will be at the risk of the Sire reference Scheme group not the farmer keeping the ram.

Each breeder will be required to serve at least 10 ewes and a max of 15 ewes. Ewes mated and in-lamb to Sire Reference Rams must not be sold in lamb.


The max proposed cost at this stage to each breeder for this year is €500.00 but this could reduce depending on the cost of the ram selected and /or the number of breeders interested. Please note the agreed contribution must be paid before the ram is purchased.


To increase the data captured the ram will be offered to Sheep Ireland for the CPT programme. This will also ensure that members will have a strong linkage and high accuracies for both Sire Reference progeny and lambs sired by other rams in their flocks.   

The ram / rams will only be made available for CPT when all participating members have AI’d their nominated ewes.


You must be a member of the LambPlus scheme.

You must have minimum of 10 ewes to serve to the selected ram.

If interested or would like further information please contact: or message us on Facebook

Closing date 27th July 

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