Premier Sale 2020

We are please announce that the 2020 Premier Sale will take place under the follow conditions.


We had planned to have the sheep photographed before the sale from around the country.

Due to current guidelines we have decided to  cancel this is. We would encourage breeders over the next number of weeks to use the social media platforms available to drive and additionally promote their entries for the Premier.

We will be taking flock profiles for advertising with pictures through the website and social media. 

These will be accepted until 8th August 9:00PM  via WhatsApp @087 1204485 or through the Society Facebook page private message function only.

Please note pictures should not be taken in sheds they should be in grass or on an alternative outdoor hard surface. Please ensure no supplementary feeds can be seen in the pictures.

***All Sheep Must be Double EID Tagged*** 

Reminder: Any sheep uploaded to any breeders social media pages without double EID tags will be removed from the sale.


We will be allowing viewing in the mart from 5:00PM on the Friday Evening after the Judging until 9:00PM.

The yard will be open from 8:00am on Saturday 15th for viewing. Please note this means all breeders will have to attend to the feeding of sheep before 8am on the Saturday.

We would ask all breeders to move away from the penning area on the Saturday morning to let the people arriving on the Saturday the opportunity to see the sheep on offer.

Each section of sheep will be closed off for viewing once that section is selling.

Online Bidding:

We are happy to announce that the sale will give purchasers the option to online bid.

Please note all people planning on bidding online will have to pre-register online before 4:00PM on Friday 14th August!

If online bidding does not does not suit your needs, please contact the society chairman to organise phone bidding John Wehrly 086 8122485

We anticipate that the biggest source of  source of bids will be made live in the mart, but in the current climate we will do our utmost to facilitate all bidders.

Note for exhibitors that sale of sheep online is not confirmed until payment is received.

Dispatch Documents:

All Dispatch sheets must in the office before 4:00PM on Friday 14th if not in the office before then the sheep will be excluded from the sale.

Please note anyone planning on being there in person on either 14th or 15th August must have followed all government restrictions on travel from outside the island of Ireland. We value everyone’s custom but in the current climate anyone found to have not adhered to the guidelines will be asked to leave the market. This is firstly and most importantly due to the health risk to fellow breeders and the potential for event to be closed from this.


All ram lambs will be penned in the small pens at the bottom of the yard. People may know these previously as these are the pens where the inspections took place.

Females and Shearling rams will penned where in previous years the ram lambs were located.

This is to allow all breeders one pen for each of the of the following sections, Shearling Ram, Ram Lambs and Females.

To aid in social distancing, there will be a one way system around the pens.

We would encourage exhibitors on the Friday evening to view the sheep on offer as people attending the sale on the Saturday morning will prioritised for viewing.

To allow the moment for each category of sheep, each section of sheep will be closed when that section is in the process of being sold.

This would mean that the viewing of each category will finish at the below approx. times:

Females will be finished  at 10:00am on Saturday Morning.

Shearling Rams will be finished at 12 noon


We will be going with a reduced show for this year going under the below circumstances.

All exhibitors will only be allowed to show one sheep per class.

All exhibitors must wear a face covering while showing and white show coats.

The showing is weather dependent if the weather is unsuitable for showing the show will be called off.

Showing will held outside where strict social distancing will be practiced while showing is taking place.

The judge will tap forward his top choices before physically handling the  sheep, the sheep will then be let to a pen where the sheep will be let loose for closer inspection of the sheep by the judge.


Shearling Ewe

Ewe Lamb

Shearling Ram

Open Ram Lamb

Lamb Plus Ram Lamb ( To reduced numbers in a second ram lamb class this will be limited to double four stared rams this year) Stars will based on the evaluation run in the catalogue to make it fair for all breeders.

We understand people will disappointed some classes have been removed this year we believe this is best decision for the show and sale  in order to limit the time spent judging and to maximise time for viewing.

Please note anyone not adhering to HSE guidelines and Society guidelines during the judging will be asked to remove their sheep from the show.



The council is currently reviewing which option will suit the bidders.

We currently have two options under review:

1: A ring located outside under a marque. This is to allow maximum view for the auctioneer.

2:Using the normal ring, with the sale streamed outside with limited active bidders allowed inside the ring. There would also be spotters for people to bid outside.


We will review this the coming weeks and the council will select the most viable option.


The canteen will be open on site and will be operating under HSE guidelines.


Due to the fact we have not been able to get to shows this year please let us know if there is any groups of farmers etc that you think we should be contacting. Please call John on 087 1204485


This will happen on the Friday evening. This will again be following all HSE guidelines.



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